Daily Archives: Nov 13, 2011

Looking for opportunities in the general financial mayhem? Look to Russia and Poland, says an optimistic Marcus Svedberg, chief economist, at East Capital, the specialist CEE investment manager.

Here he is on video. Read more

This week will bring yet more EU-based nervousness for emerging market investors who will be hoping for less excitement this time around. Elsewhere, India and Pakistan’s trade secretaries will be meeting in Dubai on Monday and the EU will propose changes to the rules governing the credit ratings agencies on Tuesday. Read more

Indian PM thumbs upWhile the spectre of Europe stalks India’s economy, a high-profile two day summit designed to weigh the country’s prospects is perplexingly unconcerned with the sub-continent’s place in the world.

The World Economic Forum’s India Economic Summit launched Sunday – in Mumbai, for the first time – was characterised by a certain inwardness that largely ignored the world economy. Read more

Mukesh AmbaniIt’s no secret that India’s education system is greatly lagging behind its rapid economic growth, booming population and ambitions as a global power.

But India’s richest man has a simple solution: change the law and let the private sector build the world-class universities the government has so far failed to fund and create. Read more