Daily Archives: Jan 29, 2012

Nigeria’s awful start to the year has inspired some to defend the logic of investing there. A beyondbrics post late last week featured an economist from Renaissance Capital, the investment banking arm of emerging market specialist Renaissance Group, saying why it would be wise for investors to hold their nerve.

Nervous investors might be wise, however, to ask whether Renaissance and like minded investment groups are putting their money where their mouth is, or putting their mouths where their money is. Read more

The Chinese were largely missing from this year’s World Economic Forum at Davos, since the bosses’ beanfeast clashed with the New Year holiday: so Beijing’s leaders wisely opted to put family and friends before fraternising with the west.

But China and the rest of the emerging world were still very much on the agenda. As this FT video shows, when the delegates weren’t worrying about Europe they were trying to work out where to find new sources of growth. And there’s only one answer to that. Take a look at the video after the break. Read more

How will Russia’s fourth quarter GDP figures, to be revealed on Tuesday, hold up? Analysts will be watching out for signs of a slow down. Investors will keep an eye on trade balance data from Brazil on Wednesday, amid fears of decelerating import and export volumes in LatAm. Elsewhere, Egypt’s monetary policy committee meets on Thursday, for the first time since inauguration of the new government. Read more