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Egypt numbers are hair-raising for investors. Since the beginning of the year its benchmark index has risen nearly 50 per cent, but those invested in Egypt stocks witnessed falls in the same index of 50 per cent in 2011. Investors must now assess whether a healthy recovery is underway or another crash is coming, as a report in Monday’s FTfm explains. Read more

Source: Metro.lu

Metro International, owner of the free Metro newspapers in 22 countries, claims to reach 17m people per day.

Now the Swedish-listed holding company which controls the group is bidding to take it private – and plans to expand into China, India, Russia and North Africa. Kinnevik, has assets of more than $9bn, over half of which are in emerging markets. In a rare interview chairman Cristina Stenbeck – who was only 24 when she took over from her father – tells the FT how Kinnevik companies are pushing forward in EMsRead more

As policy makers fret over rising oil prices, the International Energy Forum – involving ministers from energy producing and consuming states – begins a three-day meeting in Kuwait. Nigeria, Africa’s second largest economy, reveals fourth-quarter GDP growth, before the IEA releases its February oil report. On Thursday, the first anniversary of Syria’s uprisings against President Bashar al-Assad’s regime is marked. Read more