Further reading: stop the rot

Tuesday’s take-aways from the beyondbrics team: the Chinese Communist party’s legitimacy crisis; Shale part 2; transparency needed for commodity trading; the potential costs of the Walmart allegations; and Australia vs Africa in mining.

From the FT:
Real meaning of the rot at the top of China
, Daniel Bell
Scale of shale Pt2: Terminal decline no longer, Analysis
Case study: Hiring and retention at Naukri
, Management
America should pull its fleet out of Bahrain
, Emile Nakhleh
Commodity trading: Follow the money, Editorial

From elsewhere:
How A Walmart Bribery Fine Could Spiral Up Over $13 Billion
, Business Insider
China’s motor industry: Stepping on the gas, Schumpeter
How Brazil broke loose
, Business Day
The Basu effect
, The Times of India
Australia worse than Africa for mining? Yikes!
Jeffrey Sachs: A World Adrift, Project Syndicate
There’s More to Success Than Fancy Cars
, Vedomosti via Moscow Times