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If you’ve ever worked in Brazil, you might be a little surprised to hear that the country is already cracking on with introducing 4G technology.

It’s hard to even get a mobile signal outside of the country’s main cities, let alone pick up 3G. So what’s the hurry for 4G? Read more

Argentina wants to set the record straight. Argentina is a country that is open for business and foreign investment.

That was the thrust of a presentation by Argentine foreign minister Héctor Timerman, entitled “Foreign direct investment in Argentina – myths and realities”, in which he also accused foreign corporations of trying to boost profitability in Argentina in order to send dividends back home, often in crisis-hit countries. Read more

Istanbul has been swarming this week with delegates from the World Economic Forum, gathered at an event that underlines Turkey’s aspirations to play a bigger role in the world. The meeting is officially addressing the Middle East, North Africa and Eurasia, mirroring Turkey’s view of itself as a power with growing influence in all three regions.

But the real agenda is the effect on Turkey of the eurozone crisis – and any Greek exit. Read more

After finally joining the club following 18 years of negotiations, Russia might start wishing WTO membership was back on the to-do list.

On Wednesday, the European Commission published a report on protectionism in which it pointed out that Russia “deserves close scrutiny as one of the most frequent users of trade-restrictive measures” – a possible forerunner to filing a case against the country. Read more

A ray of sunshine in the midst of Brazil’s downpour of negative data: inflation, which was running at 6.5 per cent at the end of last year, has fallen below 5 per cent a year for the first time since September 2010, the national statistics agency said on Wednesday.

The figure was lower than expected by all but one of 33 economists surveyed by Bloomberg. It is, nevertheless, not much of a silver lining to a large and glowering raincloud: slower growth. Read more

When Russia announced plans in 2010 to transform the restive North Caucasus into a tourist area many investors rolled their eyes. Although breathtakingly beautiful, the mainly Muslim region on Russia’s southern flank is torn by conflict that federal law enforcers are battling to control.

That was then. Now, In a big boost for the project, two Chinese property groups seeking opportunities in Russia are considering giving the North Caucasus a go. Read more

It’s no fun being a bond investor these days. You either invest in safe havens like US and German bonds and get a negative return, or go on adventure in countries like Spain and can’t be sure you’ll get your money back.

So the emergence of Shariah compliant sukuk offers an appealing middle way. With the London 2012 Sukuk Summit being held on June 6 and 7, beyondbrics reviews the latest developments in the market. Read more

Facing a record trade deficit of $184.9bn – or 9.9 per cent of GDP – the Indian government on Thursday unveiled a subsidy and tax break package to boost sagging exports. Will it be enough? Read more

* New YPF chief aims for production rise

* Russia and China to strengthen trade ties

* Russian central bank blames eurozone for rouble weakness

* Syria declares western envoys unwelcome Read more

But will it fly?

Those who have sipped Chinese hard liquor know that it can match jet fuel in both potency and taste. So perhaps it is only natural for Wuliangye, the nation’s premier maker of grain-based firewater, to affix its name to an airport.

But in policy terms, the decision by Yibin City to grant naming rights for its airport to Wuliangye marks a major new departure. It is the first time that an airport in China has been named after a company. The move has invited both mockery and criticism. Read more

Wednesday’s what-nots from the BB team: India’s bollygarchs and Russia’s dictator; India’s surrogate mothers need protection; the gloss is coming off Argentina’s vice-president; Public fear in Jordan and Mali; and a forgotten war in Thailand. Plus: At Euro 2012, the winners and losers are not just football teams. Read more

For something that is invisible, odorless and buried deep underground, shale gas certainly has a way of being controversial. In China, it is at the centre of heated debate: Will it, or won’t it, provide a huge new fuel source for the world’s largest energy consumer?

Even the finest minds in the oil and gas industry go back and forth over this question. Read more

Hong Kong’s market for new stock listings has taken a sickly turn as concerns about the eurozone and a sharper than expected slowdown in China have rattled nerves. IPOs for Graff of London and several Chinese companies including car dealers China Yongda have been pulled in the past few days.

One sector seems especially unlikely to achieve its hoped-for HK listings: the construction machinery business. Read more

* Drone kills top al-Qaeda strategist

* Putin vows to deepen China trade ties

* Syria declares western envoys unwelcome Read more

To the growing list of data that demonstrates how China’s economic growth is slowing down, add this: At China’s largest coal port, thermal coal inventories have built up so much that the port is almost out of coal storage space, according to analysis from Bernstein Research. Read more