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Chinese investors’ appetite for US real estate knows no bounds it seems. Alongside Manhattan penthouse apartments, commercial developments such as hotels, office buildings and warehouses have also been at the receiving end of Chinese capital.

According to Real Capital Analytics, mainland Chinese investors  poured $1.1bn into US commercial property in 2011, more than six times the $16.6m invested in 2008. Read more

Clamping down on imports, as Argentina has done, is one way of trying to spur domestic production. But introducing regulations that then make life tough for exporters looks bizarre, if not suicidal – especially when you’re trying to grow your way out of an economic downturn.

Here is a case in point: Argentine wine has a great reputation for quality and affordability – indeed, in April wine promoters staged a major worldwide celebration of its flagship varietal MalbecRead more

The saga of Mexico’s telecoms titans added a new chapter on Thursday only a day after Iusacell of Mexico and Spain’s Telefónica forged a cellular market alliance to challenge the dominance of Titan One, Carlos Slim.

Now the Mexican trust-busters have approved an alliance between Titans number Two and Three, Ricardo Salinas and Emilio Azcárraga. Read more

Dino Asanaj, director of the Kosovo privatisation agency (PAK), has died of stab wounds after an attack in his private office in Pristina, Blomberg reported on Thursday.

Asanaj, who held dual Kosovo-US citizenship, was attacked by unknown assailants in the gated “international village” on the outskirts of Pristina – an upmarket housing project which he directed as a private venture. Read more

The privatisation of Bulgaria’s rail freight business offers interesting opportunities both for potential investors and the country’s transport sector.

While BDZ Tovarni Prevozi (officially translated as “BDZ Cargo”), the cargo operator of state-owned rail firm BDZ is in seriously need of modernisation and restructuring, Bulgaria’s position on major trade routes between the Middle East and Europe could give it the chance to develop as a significant regional logistics player. Read more

As Poland hosts the European football championships, many visiting fans are discovering the changing character of the former communist country for the first time. It’s clear that Poland is a country in full expansion mode, catching up with its western neighbours.

But when the cameras turn away, and the Polish return to their daily lives, how much of the progress and enthusiasm will be left? The FT takes a look on Thursday in a special reportRead more

With 160m people, Nigeria is a big pond. It has a few very big fish. And it has a whale. Aliko Dangote’s net worth is more than $11bn and his food and cement companies make up a third of the value of the Nigerian Stock Exchange. But as striking as Dangote’s wealth is his influence. Read more

Sales by Brazilian retailers increased by 0.8 per cent in April over March, much less than the 1.4 per cent predicted by a Bloomberg poll of 31 analysts.

Proof, if any were needed, that the government is right to be worried about a slowdown in the economy. A chart from the national statistics institute after the break shows how different sectors are getting on. Read more

Is Brazil holding fire in the currency war? Not likely.

A decree issued on Thursday that will make it cheaper for Brazilian companies to borrow overseas seems to imply as much – after all, the government made it costlier to do so in March in a bid to slow forex inflows and drive down the value of the real. But by reversing those measures, the government has a different target in its sights. Read more

* Russia defends arms sales to Syria

* China Telecom acts to gain Brazil foothold

* Emerging-Market Stocks Drop From Two-Week High On China, Spain

* Opec to keep its output ceiling unchanged Read more

‘Ukraine is not dead yet!’ These opening lines of the beleaguered country’s national anthem were sung defiantly by yellow-and-blue-clad hordes of fans, thronging the recently rebuilt Olympic Stadium in the centre of Kiev before the national team’s 2-1 victory against Sweden on Monday night. Read more

Thursday’s further reading: testing times for China and India, Russia gets tired of the opposition (or is it the other way around?), China’s emerging Mittelstand, and Malaysia becomes Asia’s top centre for listings. Plus: is there a shale ghost haunting the Opec talks? Read more

Despite an increase in headline inflation, the Reserve Bank of India will likely be forced to cut interest rates by 25bps at its monthly meeting on June 18 – as it remains, in the absence of a functioning government, the only institution able to support the faltering economy. Read more

Remember last year when China was fretting about inflation? CPI hit 6.5 per cent in July, stoking talk of serious overheating and civil unrest.

What a difference a year makes. Last month, Chinese inflation dropped to 3 per cent. Now, says Dong Tao of Credit Suisse, China looks to be more troubled by deflation. And that could damage the economy for years to come. Read more

Headline inflation rose to 7.55 per cent year-on-year in May, up from 7.23 per cent in April, according to Indian government data released Thursday.

The high inflation figure is further bad news for the Indian economy, and may keep the Reserve Bank of India from cutting interest rates when it meets next week. Many have called for a rate cut after India’s GDP growth hit a 9-year low of 5.3 per cent in the quarter that ended in March. Read more

* Russia defends arms sales to Syria

* China Telecom acts to gain Brazil foothold

* Felda said to raise $3.3bn in Malaysian share sale Read more