Daily Archives: Aug 25, 2012

A round up of the week’s highlights on beyondbrics, including the most read items of the week, plus a chart and five things we’ve learned… Read more

It was quite a week for Colombia. It all started with an attack on one of Ecopetrol’s pipelines on Sunday, followed by President Juan Manuel Santos asking his whole cabinet to hand in resignations on Wednesday and the removal of finance minister Juan Carlos Echeverry on Thursday.

Finally, on Friday –after a bomb blast in the troubled southwest that left one dead – Colombia’s Central Bank chopped its benchmark interest rate 25 basis points, down to 4.75, for the second consecutive month to try and boost a still strong, but increasingly slowing economy. Read more

In Brazil, the new buzz word is “infrastructure”. Optimism is building around an area that has long been seen as a Brazil’s Achilles’ Heel.

The excitement stems from two things – falling interest rates that, if they can be sustained, should lead investors to seek longer term instruments in which to put their money to work, principally infrastructure.

And the second is a string of government announcements on the sale of infrastructure concessions. We have just had a R$133bn commitment to new roads, in the next couple of weeks similar announcements are expected on ports and airports. Read more