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Thursday’s picks from beyondbrics: Beijing vs Big Pharma; insults in India; Turkey’s lira headache; and the case for EMs – still intact? Plus: why Beijiing is right to hold back; the democracy-elections trap in Egypt; why India needs its own Thatcher; Russia should follow Sri Lanka’s example; and thoughts on a Lula comeback.

From the FT:
Beijing takes on big beasts of global drugs industry, Comment
Bribery built into the fabric of Chinese healthcare system, Companies
Insults and division as India’s election phoney war gathers pace, Global Insight
Turkey: banking on the lira, Lex
Case for investing in EM still intact, Markets Insight
Fall in debt issuance as banks pull back, Markets

From elsewhere:
Beijing’s new leaders are right to hold back
, Michael Pettis
The Democracy-Elections Trap in Egypt, Council on Foreign Relation
India needs an indigenous Margaret Thatcher or Deng Xiaoping
, Times of India
Sri Lanka Is Good Example for Russia to Follow
, Moscow Times
Brazil Rues Rousseff Economic Growth Amid Lula Pleas
, Bloomberg