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In recent weeks, social media in Brazil has been abuzz with talk of the rise of a new breed of vigilantes or justiceiros in society.

With the World Cup later this year, and the summer Olympics in Rio in 2016, overseas visitors will naturally be concerned with their safety. However, the sort of treatment being meted out by citizens rather than officials may do more harm than good for Brazil’s image. Read more

By Pawel Swieboda and Milan Nic

There will be two types of anniversaries in Europe this year. The ones related to 1914, will be all about the risks of complacency. At last December’s European Council, Angela Merkel felt compelled to quote from The Sleepwalkers, a history book about the First World War, to stress what the price of political failure could be. However, there will also be two heartening anniversaries, recalling 25 years of democracy in Central Europe and 10 years of the region’s membership in the EU. Read more

If the recent recovery in emerging markets has calmed your nerves somewhat, then steel yourself: EM crises are here to stay. That’s according to Joseph Capurso, currency strategist at Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

The good news? EM crises don’t always mean a regional or global recession. In fact, they are rather common, and their impact can be limited. So here are the five facts you need to remember in the next EM crisis (which should be rather soon, in fact). Read more

Much of the reaction on Monday to the announcement of China’s financing numbers for January has focused on the sharp month-on-month increase in bank credit. However, a more telling picture can be had from looking at Total Social Financing (TSF) – the widest official measure of financing in the economy – on a year-on-year basis.

By TSF, Chinese financing in January was virtually flat at Rmb2.58tn, up from Rmb2.54tn in January 2013. This 1.6 per cent increase was well below the 9.5 per cent year-on-year increase in TSF last year and the 22.6 per cent expansion in 2012. Read more

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Global stocks on nine-day winning streak | Momentum from Wall Street and signs of credit growth in China put bourses in an upbeat mood in spite of underwhelming Japan GDP data

EMs stay hooked on balm of Fed liquidity | Beyond the liquidity provided by the Federal Reserve, the longer-term steps that emerging markets need to take all reduce growth Read more

A slightly belated week ahead in emerging markets:Thailand, Mexico and Taiwan announce GDP for Q4; China’s Flash PMI; the Indian Budget; talks resume on Iran’s nuclear future; and BHP Billiton and Coca-Cola earnings. Read more

The FT’s Ben Marino travels to Hebei province to visit a rural community that is opening online shops selling Inner Mongolian cashmere to fashion-conscious internet shoppers across China.