Thursday was ‘Super Thursday’ in India – the biggest day in the country’s protracted general election – and beyondbrics takes a look at the battle in Maharashtra.

With Easter this weekend, the FT India team will give the blog a break on Friday – but check back next week as elections continue in the world’s largest democracy. Continue reading »

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* Pro-Russia militants die in Ukraine clash | Three are dead and 13 injured as Ukraine security forces repel an attack on a national guard base in the Azov Sea port of Mariupol

* Bond investors parse the frontier story | Internal conflicts, political instability and poor credit records are all factored in, but the knock-on effect of China’s economic evolution is key Continue reading »

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* EU sanctions push on Russia falters | Companies warn that Kremlin retaliation could cost them dear as diplomats fear that negotiations in Geneva on Thursday will prove fruitless

* Citic eyes the mantle of largest in China | The Hong Kong stock market will soon have a conglomerate to rival Li Ka-shing’s sprawling Hutchison empire after the $37bn asset injection into Citic Pacific by its mainland Chinese parent. Continue reading »

With the Indian Premier League cricket tournament kicking off on Wednesday, people were a little distracted from the mammoth general election.

But beyondbrics took a look at the criminal and financial history of candidates in Mumbai and questioned whether anyone – even Narendra Modi – can kick start the economy quickly. Continue reading »

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* China GDP growth slows in first quarter | Slowing growth is raising pressure on Beijing to provide fresh stimulus to head off a potential collapse in growth in the world’s second-largest economy

* US Treasury slams China over currency | Beijing is attacked for its efforts to hold down the renminbi, but latest official American report stops short of naming any country a “manipulator” Continue reading »

By Rajeev Malik

Fixing India’s economic ills will be challenging, even for Modi.

India is a country with multiple social, political and economic personalities. Decisions and their outcomes often appear to challenge logic, and rarely fail to confound, amaze or disappoint – sometimes all at once. Even on a good day, there seems to be crisis somewhere in the folds of this chaotic democracy. On a bad day, one often wonders how it functions at all, let alone how it evolved to be Asia’s second-fastest growing economy, before losing that status to multiple and self-inflicted policy mistakes. Continue reading »

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* Kiev sends troops to dislodge separatists | Ukraine’s acting president said special forces had retaken control of an airport at Kramatorsk, with operations there and in nearby town of Slavyansk

* China GDP growth slows in first quarter | Slowing growth is raising pressure on Beijing to provide a fresh round of government stimulus to head off a potential growth collapse in the world’s second-largest economy Continue reading »

Infosys kicked off earnings season on Tuesday morning and inflation numbers were released later in the day, putting the spotlight on business and the macroeconomy in India.

Beyondbrics took a look at the latest opinion polls and the more charismatic but yet less politically active of the Gandhi siblings – Priyanka Gandhi. Continue reading »

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* Ukraine raises rates to defend economy | US President Barack Obama warns Vladimir Putin of his ‘grave concern’ about Russian support for the actions of armed pro-Russian separatists

* Risk seekers turn to Latin American bonds | Some countries in South America are now seen as opportunities by yield-hungry investors but some observers fear complacency about risk Continue reading »

By Avantika Chilkoti in Mumbai and Thomas Hale in London

Three major private banks have closed operations in India in recent months, as cultural and regulatory challenges derail groups initially drawn by growing wealth in Asia’s third largest economy.

An emerging market with a high savings rate, a collection of some of the world’s most flamboyant businessmen, and economic growth hovering around 5 per cent despite a sharp slowdown, India should be a gold mine for the private banking industry. Continue reading »

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* Ukraine raises rates to defend economy | Ukraine’s acting president appeals to UN secretary-general, to deploy peacekeepers to region a day after Kievpromised to take military action

* Fragile Middle: China’s urban dilemma | Nearly a fifth of China’s population could be only a week’s or a month’s wage away from losing their status as aspiring middle-class urbanites Continue reading »

It is a bank holiday in Mumbai, meaning markets are closed, but there was still lots for India to debate in the midst of a general election.

A new book on Sonia Gandhi’s control over Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has the public up in arms. And our guest writers question how certain the outcome of the polls really is. Continue reading »

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* Pro-Russia separatists defy Ukraine deadline | Pro-Russia separatists occupying government buildings in eastern Ukraine defied a deadline from Kiev to surrender as Moscow promised to “protect” people in the region from violence

* China buys Glencore mine for $6bn | Sale to a consortium led by MMG underscores the country’s continued demand for commodities to feed industrial growth

* Emerging market funds bounce back | Net inflows into emerging market equity and bond funds reached $4.7bn in the seven days to April 9, amid a sharp rebound in sentiment Continue reading »

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* Russia calls on UN as Kiev cracks down | Moscow warns that use of force by Kiev against separatists could foil plans to hold four-way talks this week aimed at defusing the escalating crisis

* China buys Glencore mine for $6bn | Sale to a consortium led by MMG underscores the country’s continued demand for commodities to feed industrial growth Continue reading »

The week in emerging markets, including our most read, five things we have learned and some long reads for the weekend. Plus the week in a chart: China’s property sector Continue reading »