For 15 years, a global partnership for development finance has delivered remarkable results in Africa – but right now that partnership is in peril. With G7 and African leaders meeting in Schloss Elmau and Johannesburg we must seize this rare chance to implement an urgent remedy.

Since 2000, African nations have received $100bn in debt cancellation, while aid to the region has more than doubled. Over the same time, African domestic financing for development has more than quadrupled. This financing, coupled with strong local action, has had profound impacts. In Liberia, we have cut child mortality by two thirds, and it’s a similar story in many other countries. In Africa as a whole, a million fewer children die each year from preventable diseases, millions more girls are in school, nine million Africans now have access to life-saving antiretroviral drugs, economic growth has accelerated, millions more people have jobs and extreme poverty is beginning to fall. Read more