Africa investment

By Jonathan Berman

It was 1996, and Sam Jonah knew he was in trouble.

Jonah was chief executive of AngloGold and had just led the company’s listing on the New York Stock Exchange, making it the first African company on the Big Board. He was on a routine follow-up roadshow when the Rwandan genocide filled the airwaves, and Jonah spent much of the next year explaining that his company had no operations in Rwanda. “Most investors then still thought Africa was a country,” he recalls, “one country. And once Rwanda hit the airwaves, we were all Rwanda.” Continue reading »

By Ivor Ichikowitz of Paramount Group

Africa’s time is now but its full potential can only be unleashed by those brave enough to forge true partnerships.

As economies stumble and fail around the world, the continent is the chief source of hope for global growth but the world’s most powerful leaders are ignoring the truth. Continue reading »

Tax isn’t an issue just for the G8. African governments are on a push to raise their tax contribution to GDP, with Kenya planning to reintroduce a capital gains tax according to the recent budget, and Ghana expected to place a CGT on disposable shares from August this year.

This puts pressure on the status of Mauritius as a tax efficient – or even tax-free – gateway to Africa. Continue reading »

While infrastructure and access to finance are well-known constraints on African firms’ competitiveness, a new study has identified a less obvious burden: political monopoly.

Although political stability might been seen as a positive to investors, single-party states are not cutting it when it comes to getting ahead with business. Continue reading »

President of Cote d'Ivoire

When anyone speaks about investment into Africa, China comes to mind. It’s the familiar and contentious story of a developing power drawn to a resource-rich continent.

But now another growing economy, India, is eyeing Africa – and India’s most prominent industrial house, Tata group, is leading the pack. Continue reading »

On the face of it, sovereign credit ratings and foreign direct investment might not appear to be that dependent on each other. When you’re setting up shop overseas, does it really matter if a country is rated or not?

For sub-Saharan Africa, apparently, it does – and rating agency Fitch has done the homework to prove it. Continue reading »