By Reda El Chaar, Access Power

As President Barack Obama embarks on Thursday on a farewell trip to the UK, thoughts are turning to how the outgoing leader’s legacy is likely to be remembered. To those like me who are engaged in bringing energy to developing nations, the answer is obvious. Mr Obama’s greatest legacy will be his visionary campaign to bring electricity to the people of Africa. Perhaps. Read more

By Carlos Lopes and Kamal Dervis

The Africa Growth and Opportunity Act (Agoa) rarely makes headlines in the US. But the frequency with which it was raised during President Obama’s recent trip to Africa underlines how important the trade legislation is seen on the continent both as a driver of progress and as a symbol of the US’s relations with it. The need to extend Agoa, due to expire in 2015, was a clear priority for the countries the President visited.

It should also be a welcomed by the US – evidence shows that the benefits are in both directions. Read more

When it comes to trade, sub-Sarahan Africa is highly exposed to the eurozone, isn’t it? You would think so, given the warnings from the IMF to that effect.

But park your assumptions for one minute. Yes, any eurozone slowdown hurts African trade. But not by as much as a slowdown from other parts of the world, and the eurozone dependency is falling. Read more

The north African nation of Algeria has hired an American company, Itron, to upgrade the metering system for its electricity power network.

US firms play a relatively major role in Algeria’s economy, but mostly in developing the oil and gas industry, rather than utilities. Read more