South Africa’s currency has a new look from Tuesday, with banknotes featuring former president Nelson Mandela going into circulation. Read more

Another Argentine expropriation. Another which the government confidently expects “won’t cost the state a penny”.

After Cristina Fernández’s government took over energy company YPF in April (Congress approved the expropriation of 51 per cent of the company in early May), for reasons of national interest (and for which it hopes not to have to pay anything), now it is the turn of banknote-printing firm, Compañía de Valores Sudamericana (CVS). Read more

The problem with high inflation is that you need to print more banknotes.

A lot of them. And quickly.

This issue hung over Argentine President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s triumphant Wednesday unveiling of a new design for the country’s 100 peso banknotes, featuring the profile of former First Lady and fictionalized Broadway mainstay Eva Perón, commonly known as Evita. Read more