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Chinese sportswear company Qiaodan has long been seen as a copycat for its use of a name and imagery connected to basketball legend Michael Jordan. But in the domain of trademark law, it is nothing if not original in an increasingly bitter fight with Jordan. Read more

It could soon become a badge of honour for successful foreign brands in China.

Following in the footsteps of Apple (and basketball star Michael Jordan), Hermès – purveyor of fine silk scarves – has become the latest company to find itself in a tussle over a trademark. Read more

China’s domestic sportswear industry has problems. Retailers like Li Ning and Anta Sports have been hit hard by increasing international competition from the likes of Nike and Adidas, as discussed in this video by Lex.

One Chinese brand, Qiaodan Sports, has more than just competition to worry about, though:  it is being sued by one of the world’s most famous sporting icons. Former NBA superstar Michael Jordan alleges that the company - whose name, Qiaodan, means ‘Jordan’ in China - has exploited his name and jersey number, 23, without consent. Read more

With Apple battling for its iPad trademark in China, another famous American product – Jeremy Lin – could soon face similar trouble.

A small sporting goods company in Wuxi, a manufacturing hub near Shanghai, has obtained a trademark on the Chinese name of the New York Knicks basketball star. Read more

How do Chinese companies make their products stand out in an ultra competitive market? For at least two of them, the answer lies in other people’s brands. Read more