Luxury shopping: not as popular as it was

By Ben Aris of bne

A Russian joke from the 1990s: Two Novy Russkis meet on the street. “Nice tie,” says the first. “How much did it cost?”

“Its Hermes,” says the second. “It cost a $100!”

“You’re crazy!” says the first. “I know where you can buy the same one for $200!” Continue reading »

Given that emerging markets account for more than 40 per cent of global output, why are there no really well-known global emerging market brands?

Rob Minto of beyondbrics reviews Brand Breakout: how emerging market brands will go global, by Nirmalya Kumar and Jan-Benedict Steenkamp. Continue reading »

After years when match-fixing allegations tarnished its image and the glamour of after-game parties often eclipsed the cricket itself, the Indian Premier League brand is making a comeback.

For the first time in four years the brand value of the tournament has grown this year, to $3.03bn, up from $2.92bn last year. Continue reading »

It’s not everyday that a conservative Gulf state is accused of copying American rapper and entrepreneur Dr Dre.

But wealthy Qatar is making waves with a branding exercise that has kicked up a social media storm. Continue reading »