BTG Pactual

Talk about being opportunistic.

Just as Wall Street’s biggest banks are facing increasing regulatory scrutiny over their involvement in metals warehousing and physical commodities trading, along comes Brazil’s BTG Pactual looking to make a foray into this very lucrative niche. Read more

BTG Pactual has been tipped as an emerging markets “superbank” after its rapid expansion across Latin America and Africa over the past couple of years. Now the Brazilian investment bank is putting its superhero powers to use in its home market, it appears.

In March André Esteves, BTG Pactual’s billionaire controller, came to the rescue of Eike Batista, offering his crumbling oil and mining empire credit and management services. This week Esteves has swooped in to help power company CPFL Energia, taking the rather unusual decision to guarantee the IPO of its renewable energy unit CPFL Renováveis. Read more

Eike Batista may have lost nearly $20bn over the past year but the Brazilian billionaire still has enough friends in high places to see him through, it seems.

Shares of companies in Batista’s EBX group surged on Thursday after BTG Pactual, the Latin American investment bank run by fellow billionaire André Esteves, offered to provide credit lines and management services to the group. Read more

By Joe Leahy and Vivianne Rodrigues

After it saved the day last year for Brazil’s mournful initial public offering market by holding one of the country’s few successful listings, BTG Pactual is back with a bang in 2013 with the first major Latin American corporate bond issue. Read more

Steve Jacobs, chief executive of BTG Pactual, thinks institutional investment in emerging markets will increase from the current 5-10 per cent of a typical portfolio to 10-20 per cent within five years.

BTG Pactual sure doesn’t waste any time.

In its latest bid to become an emerging markets superbank, the Brazilian group announced a strategic partnership with Russia’s VTB Capital on Friday.

BTG didn’t give any more details about what that partnership would actually entail, but said it would help them both to “explore opportunities between Russia and Latin American countries”. Read more

With year-round sunshine and some of the world’s skimpiest bikinis, it’s no wonder Brazil is full of fitness clubs (as well as plastic surgeons and laser hair removal clinics).

But while Brazil has the second highest number of gyms after the US, it is only 10th in terms of revenue. And in the eyes of private equity investors, that means one thing: the potential for consolidation and profit.

It comes as no surprise then that BTG Pactual’s latest investment is in Bodytech, Latin America’s largest fitness chain by revenue with 33 gyms across Brazil. Read more

It has been an IPO done by the book: comfortably oversubscribed, priced right in the middle of the target range, most of the “green shoe” additional shares sold, and a small gain on the first day of trading.

Despite the challenges faced by BTG Pactual in the run-up to its IPO this month, all in all it seems to have been a success. Read more

Brazil’s first two IPOs of the year couldn’t have been more different.

First there was Locamerica, a car rental company looking to raise about $300m. An attractive proposition you might think, given the country’s promising consumer market. However the offer priced 18 per cent below the target range last week and the shares fell on the first day of trading.

Then there was an investment bank, BTG Pactual, whose controlling shareholder was this month fined for insider trading, looking to raise as much as $2bn.

 Read more

What to do when you are being investigated for insider trading only weeks before your investment bank holds its billion-dollar IPO? Well readers may recall that Embraer faced a similar dilemma last year, when it was being investigated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission for corruption.

Just as the Brazilian airline manufacturer decided it best to break the bad news in its third-quarter results on the night of a national holiday, BTG Pactual chose its 1110-page prospectus to inform the market. Read more

If Brazil’s economy has been running on a fast-track in recent years, banker Andre Esteves (pictured left) has been on a parallel but even quicker line, perhaps one set aside for bullet trains.

He was just 37 years old when UBS bought out his independent investment bank, BTG Pactual, in 2006 for $2.5bn – a price many had thought at the time to be overly generous. Read more

It’s a bit like calling someone ‘big-boned’ or firing an employee by inviting them to take part in ‘synergy-related headcount restructuring’.

The merger announced between Brazil’s top investment bank, BTG Pactual, and Chilean brokerage Celfín on Wednesday looks very much like an acquisition.

The terms of the deal are not yet public but given that Pactual has more than $64.5bn under management and Celfín has only $5.5bn, it’s already obvious who is going to wear the trousers in this relationship. Read more

What kind of a bank is BTG Pactual? One answer must be “a bank unlike any other” given Monday’s announcement that it had attracted $1.8bn in capital from a consortium led by three of the world’s biggest sovereign wealth funds.

The investment is not only the biggest of its kind in Brazil. It is also, as André Esteves, BTG Pactual’s founder, told the FT, “a sign of a new financial order”. So has the focus of the world’s financial industry shifted to emerging markets? Read more