China gold

Pure 24 carat gold has a special place in the hearts and minds of the Chinese, who love its beauty and its practicality. So while investors around the world were dumping gold last month, shoppers in China (and elsewhere in Asia) have been lining up in droves outside jewellery stores and banks.

For Chinese people, no other material item on earth so epitomises wealth, prosperity and family tradition. And (rightly or wrongly) it is also regarded as an insurance policy, currency hedge, inflation hedge and international currency all rolled into one. Why? Read more

If China’s love affair with gold was set to music, it might well be to 70s duo The Carpenters. The message from day one of this year’s London Bullion Market Association conference – being held this week for the first time in Hong Kong – was clear: when it comes to China and gold, we’ve only just begun.

Although China’s economic slowdown has sapped demand for some commodities, such those related to construction, appetite for the yellow metal is an altogether different story. Read more