Colombia equities

Concrete returns are hard to come by in these troubles times, so Cementos Argos’s $1bn share offering is shaping up to be popular.

Colombia’s leading cement producer increased its profits last year by 5.9 per cent, to $218m, on the back of strong investments in Panama, the United States and Colombia. Read more

Kenya ShillingEverything seemed to be going well enough earlier this month when Cemex, the Mexican cement producer, raised $1.15bn from the partial sale of its Latin American subsidiary on the Colombian Stock Exchange. According to the BVC, as the exchange is called, the offering raised $153m in Colombia and $997m overseas, through two simultaneous operations.

Sadly for Cemex Latam Holdings, or CLH, its shares dropped 2.7 per cent, to 11,920 pesos, in its first trading day on Friday. The company had issued 170.4m shares at 12,250 pesos. Read more

Photo: Bloomberg

For years many people thought that Colombia only produced coffee and cocaine. Now, after an impressive turnaround, people think Colombia only produces coal and oil.

However, armed with his Adrien Brody looks and a PhD in Economics from an Ivy League university, Juan Pablo Córdoba, the president of Bogota’s stock exchange, the BVC, is ready persuade you that the local financial market is the future. Read more