After a disappointing 2012, Daimler is predicting a modest sales recovery in 2013, with emerging markets in the driving seat.

The company, which on Thursday unveiled patchy annual results, is hoping that a recent revamp of its Chinese operations, combined with a pick-up in the Chinese car market, will make a big difference in the coming years. It needs to – rivals Audi and BMW have left Daimler trailing in China, the world’s largest single marketRead more

Daimler, the German auto maker, on Friday inaugurated production of its new CLA four-door coupé at its Mercedes-Benz factory in Kecskemet, Hungary, adding a new model to the €800m plan less than a year after it opened in March last year. Read more

Nissan Motor on Friday announced plans to start manufacturing its luxury Infiniti model in China, in the latest investment news from the car industry in advance of next week’s Beijing motor show.

The Japanese group is hardly the first international maker to launch the assembly of upmarket cars in the Middle Kingdom. BMW and Daimler have been manufacturing in China for years.

But it’s evidence that the industry isn’t discouraged by last year’s slowdown in the Chinese car market or by forecasts of decelerating economic growth, not to mention warnings of a possible hard landing. With all eyes on Auto China 2012, Ford Motor and Volkswagen have also announced new Chinese factories this week. Read more

Hungary is once again the darling of central Europe among foreign investors. Well, for a day or two at least, while news reverberates of the opening of a Mercedes plant at Kecskemét, bang in the country’s centre.

And reverberate it well might, given that the high-tech plant is an €800m investment, directly creates some 3,000 jobs (and about a further 10,000 indirectly) and its planned output of 100,000 Mercedes A-class and B-class compact cars will generate around 1 per cent of Hungary’s GDP. Read more