euro crisis

Like a band reforming to trot out the old hits in the hope of funding their impending retirement, the prospect of Grexit somehow doesn’t seem as exciting the second time round.

Back in 2011 and 2012, when the threat of Greece leaving the euro was taken very seriously by investors, the knock-on effects were considerable. The future of the eurozone was held to be at stake; the bond spreads of the other troubled peripheral countries, notably Spain, Portugal and Italy, blew out to alarming proportions. Read more

Beppe Grillo

The uncertainty surrounding the Italian election result has upset investors around the globe, not least in emerging markets. While Beppe Grillo, the comedian whose movement won 25 per cent of the vote, may be laughing, fund managers are not.

Following losses on Wall Street, the MSCI Asia ex-Japan index fell 1.2 per cent on Tuesday. Closer to Rome, the impact was bigger, with the MSCI East Europe index down 1.9 per cent in early trading. Watch out for a nervous day. Read more