1time it flew

South Africa’s domestic air travel should be one of Africa’s most lucrative aviation patches. But with a history of failures, increasing consumer caution, and court action challenging the state’s aviation funding, new budget players eyeing the market may be in for a turbulent time.

The sector, with 12.7m trips in the last 12 months, is being hurt by high fuel costs and airport taxes. It also has had a fair amount of corporate failures. Over the last two decades, 10 of the 11 independent airlines have collapsed. Can the newcomers make a go of it? Read more

Welcome to the new hub

Start-up airlines have revolutionised air travel in Ghana over the past 18 months. Fares on domestic routes have fallen by up to 75 per cent. Passenger numbers on the main route from the capital Accra to the second city Kumasi have increased fivefold.

Now, two of the new domestic carriers are hoping to spread their wings throughout west Africa, where economies are growing fast but the aviation networks remain so poor that some experts call it “the last frontier” of air travelRead more

Stelios Haji-Ioannou helped revolutionise European low-cost flying. Can he repeat the trick in Africa?

The possibility of bringing affordable air travel to millions of Africans sounds appealing. But there are big challenges in the continent’s illiberal airspace. Read more