female workplace

Mumbai’s women’s-only taxi service, Viira Cabs, has a lot to offer – both for the female passengers seeking safety and for the women it trains as drivers.

After a 23 year-old girl was brutally raped on a bus in Delhi last month, public attention has turned to the issue of women’s safety. And businesses that have developed solutions to these security issues are growing as a result. Read more

Thursday was International Women’s Day – and a chance to look at various indicators regarding female employment around the world. One such measure is the level of female senior executives and board members. Another is economic opportunity.

Two reports released on Thursday come to seemingly very different conclusions. One showed that the percentage of senior managers who are women was higher in emerging markets than elsewhere – but decreasing. The other showed that women’s economic opportunities were far better in high-income countries. What’s going on? Chart of the week takes a look. Read more