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The news from Ukraine is that it doesn’t matter which came first, the chicken or the egg, as long as you profit from both.

The country’s top poultry and egg producers, both leading blue chips listed on the London Stock Exchange, released impressive 2012 results on Tuesday. Read more

By Shelina Janmohamed of Ogilvy Noor

The horsemeat scandal has raised significant consumer questions: what is in the food we eat, how can we be sure it’s properly labelled, and most importantly, who can we trust?

For Muslim consumers who wish to observe halal in their food and beverage consumption – an industry worth an estimated $661bn a year – these are questions they ask daily. For them, halal certification from a trusted authority is vital, otherwise they simply won’t buy. No trusted halal logo, no sale. Read more

Now that peace talks aimed at ending Colombia’s conflict are underway, beyondbrics travelled to the country’s boondocks, to an area where local peasants have been caught in crossfire for over fifty years.

One of the many striking features found in these backwater lands – known for being the cradle of the Farc guerrilla insurgency – is how well Colombian food and beverage companies have been able to distribute their products despite the lack of road infrastructure. Alongside products from Coca-Cola and PepsiCo, one could find an abundance of processed food products from the country’s leading food manufacturer, Grupo Nutresa. Read more