It'll cost you

Commenting on the Russian revolution, Joseph Stalin is alleged to have said, “You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.” What then is the price of eggs?

HSBC has totted up the lost output of seven states most hit by the Arab Spring, and estimates a loss of $800bn by the end of 2014. Read more >>

Last year was supposed to represent the pivotal moment in which sukuk debt – Islamic versions of bonds – came into their own as a deep, mature and liquid source of funding.

Issuance data from January suggest the jury is still out. Read more >>

Putting aside Jordan’s fiscal problems, simmering political tensions, significant unemployment, and need to import energy, the small monarchy’s debt might actually be a pretty good bet.

So says Exotix, the frontier markets specialists, who recently initiated a buy on Jordanian debt — even as other analysts worry that fall-out from the Arab spring has put the nation on a dangerous long-term trajectory. Read more >>