global imbalances

Globalisation isn’t as simple – or as flat – as you might think. It’s uneven and has been knocked by the financial crisis. In some ways, the world is becoming less globally connected and more regionally-orientated, in contrast to most assumptions.

That’s the findings of the global connectivity index created by academics from the IESE Business School, which sheds light on the current state of globalisation with interesting results. Read more

That trade is a route to prosperity is not a new idea. But trade with whom? For African countries, the answer is close to home: each other.

Leaders at the African Union summit at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, have argued the case for intra-African trade as a key driver of economic growth. Fair enough. But how can Africa make it happen? Read more

By Bernd Braasch of the Bundesbank

Reducing global real imbalances and a reform of the international financial system are still top of the international political agenda. But while a co-ordinated approach and a more market-led exchange rate system are often publicly discussed, the problem of “missing financial markets” is less prominent. Read more