While attention has been focused on the demise of new chapter for Nokia as part of Microsoft, another phonemaker is in deep trouble.

Unlike Nokia, Taiwan’s HTC actually makes very good smartphones, and sold a lot of them a few years back. But sales have been dropping steadily since the 2011 heyday, and two bits of news have made the outlook for investors even grimmer. Read more

Pieces of HTC’s recent management shake-up seem to be falling in place with its announcement on Thursday of new leadership for its south Asia operations.

Most notably, the struggling Taiwanese smartphone maker says its new head of south and southeast Asia has come over from the key competitor HTC has been trying hard to emulate – Apple. Read more

HTC, the bealguered Taiwanese phonemaker, expects sales to jump over 60 per cent between the first and second quarters. That’s quite an uplift, and certainly better than last quarter, when sales significantly missed expectations, driving down its first quarter profits to record lows.

What’s behind the change? Well, it helps to have a flagship phone to sell. Read more

HTC, the Taiwanese smartphone maker, has been fighting to turn around its plunging sales by learning lessons from Apple. First: spend on branding, which Apple does well and HTC does not. Second: don’t ship scratched phones, which Apple did when it first launched its iPhone 5.

To the dismay of investors and consumers, the launch of HTC’s newest smartphone has been delayed. The reason has been the difficulty producing the phone’s camera and metal back — compounded, says its marketing chief, by a desire to avoid Apple’s error and waste his newly-enlarged ad budget by annoying buyers with scuffed gadgets. Read more

Taiwan smartphone maker HTC has, again, reported a sharp drop in monthly sales.

The year on year fall of 44 per cent in its February sales is unsurprising — executives last month warned revenues would slip this quarter — but the trouble at HTC is also part of a broader upheaval in the mobile market as even market leader Apple and its rivals now grapple with how to deal with what consumers want, and how much they’re willing to pay. Read more

HTC, once the new phone darling on the mobile scene, is struggling. The company’s Q4 2012 results weren’t pretty, the stock has dropped 48 per cent in the last 12 months, and it is losing ground to Apple and Samsung. Shares were down on Monday by 1.55 per cent.

So what to do? Focus on emerging markets, of course… Read more

Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC continues its struggle in an increasing competitive market. The company announced that income was down 91 per cent for the fourth quarter of last year.

It’s more bad news, after profits in the third quarter were down nearly 80 per cent. Investors seem to be getting used to it – shares on Monday were up slightly at 0.35 per cent, but have fallen hard over the past year. Read more

Smartphone maker HTC has been struggling recently to compete against Samsung and Apple, leaving many in the market wondering what strategy the Taiwanese company has for turning itself around.

One thing HTC says it’s not going to do: Shake up top management. In fact, even suggesting tension among executives could land you in court for defamation, as a local magazine in Taiwan has just discovered. Read more

When the biggest beast in the jungle decides not to fight you any more, your survival chances go up a lot. That’s the message from HTC shares on Monday.

After the company and Apple announced a global settlement that includes the dismissal of all current lawsuits and a ten-year license agreement, shares in the Taiwanese phonemaker leapt up 6.86 per cent – its daily limit. But is this the turning point for HTC, which saw profits fall 80 per cent in the third quarter? Read more

The HTC skydivers ad really was a bad idea. The Taiwanese phonemaker is falling to earth pretty quickly, posting third-quarter revenues that are slightly more than half what they were in the same period in 2011. Third-quarter profits fell nearly 80 per cent – from T$18.7bn in 2011 to T$3.9bn ($133m) this year.

The company’s shares are also falling – down 58 per cent in the last year (and dropping slightly, around 1 per cent in line with the market on Monday before the results were announced). The problem is not that HTC has no good phones – it’s just that Apple and Samsung models are far more popular. Read more

Taiwan’s export orders fell for the sixth straight month in August, albeit at a slower pace than last month. But persistently high inflation prevented the central bank from cutting its benchmark interest rate at its meeting on Thursday.

Taiwan’s export orders – a leading indication of a leading indicator of the global economy – suggest what actual shipments will be in a month or two. Their continued decline is bad news for this export-oriented economy. Read more

HTC’s new Windows 8 phones may look pretty cool, but company executives appear to be feeling the heat. At Wednesday’s launch they addressed head-on recent criticism of their strategy, pledging to work with Microsoft to bulk up marketing and promotion efforts, areas HTC is often seen as doing badly.

The new phones aren’t yet for sale so it’s too early to say if they’ll win over consumers. Based on Thursday’s share price, however, its seems investors are shrugging. Read more

Taiwan’s HTC can’t get a break.

Sales are falling, low-cost mainland competitor Xiaomi just released a phone whose specs are competitive with a high-end HTC model, and on Monday the company announced a $40m write off on its stake in an internet gaming company. What’s a company to do? Read more

The results of last year’s smartphone battle show pretty clearly from the first-quarter fortunes of Samsung and HTC. While Samsung posted record profits and  overtook Nokia to become the world’s biggest seller of mobile phones, HTC saw its profits fall 70 per cent, the most in a decade.

Could this year see Samsung consolidate its lead? Did Wednesday’s launch of Samsung’s latest Galaxy S3 smartphone deal another, perhaps fatal, blow to HTC, which introduced its 2012 model – the One family of smartphones – three months ago? Read more