The Amul girl is a much-loved Indian mascot whose amiable face is plastered on billboards promoting dairy products. She always looks remarkably sweet and cheery. So, when she does pipe up with sombre words of caution it’s probably worth listening.

R S Sodhi, managing director of Amul, the dairy farmers’ co-operative, has written to India’s ministry of commerce with words of warning regarding the pending free trade agreement with the EU. Read more

The Hinduja brothers are known for their conservative style. So it comes at a surprise that the Hinduja Group is set to buy Alfacam, the troubled Belgian media company that broadcast the 2012 Olympics. Read more

If Chancellor Angela Merkel and Prime Ministers David Cameron and Mario Monti came to Davos this week to convince the world the worst is over for Europe, they’ll get an approving nod from at least one Indian participant: “Kris” Gopalakrishnan, the chairman of IT giant Infosys.

“I’m very optimistic on Europe,” Gopalakrishnan told beyondbrics in Davos. “Europe has some great global businesses, and they seem to be doing much better than the overall economy. At some point, Europe will continue to grow. Read more

Will a Bollywood producer soon capture and broadcast the Olympic Games? It’s possible, as the Indian conglomerate Hinduja announced this week it’s in exclusive negotiations to buy Alfacam, a TV production company that specialises in filming major sport events.

This summer Alfacam was among those hired to film the London Olympic Games and the European Football Championships in Poland and Ukraine. But for a while it looked like that would the last tour de force of the struggling Belgian company. Read more