A bar, a cinema, a bowling alley: all the essentials for an embassy?

Maybe so, but the Indian government has asked the US embassy in New Delhi to close down its onsite entertainments on the grounds that, as elements in a “commercial facility”, they are deemed to be illegal. It’s the latest move in a catty to and fro that has followed last month’s arrest and strip search of Devyani Khobragade (pictured), an Indian consular official, in New York. Continue reading »

It’s all looking up for the US this week. New figures show manufacturing activity is growing at its fastest pace since April 2011. Analysts have braced themselves for better than expected jobs data on Friday. Oh – and Indian IT outsourcing companies are funnelling money into the country. Continue reading »

Concerns around proposed reforms to US immigration laws have rocked India’s IT companies, which send employees to work on site with American clients.

But the president of Nasscom, India’s IT trade body, has said there’s little to worry about – the final legislation could actually benefit the Indian companies. Continue reading »

On Wednesday Indians will wake up to see the results of the US presidential election rolling in – polls close in Ohio at 6am in India, so breakfast here may well see the anointing of the next president. But most Indians won’t even notice – and even for those who do, few believe who wins will have any effect on their lives. Continue reading »