Intercorp, one of Peru’s largest lenders and retailers, is on a roll.

After a successful IPO launched in September for its retail wing, the company owned by Peru’s tycoon Carlos Rodríguez-Pastor has now received the green light from the Andean country’s regulator to create a private pension fund, AFP InteractivaContinue reading »

Peru’s impressive growth has been boosted, in big part, thanks to consumer spending on the back of consumer credit. That is palpable while strolling around the crammed -and noisy- streets of Peru’s capital, Lima, where is quite hard not to spot an Inkapharma drugstore or a Plaza Vea supermarket.

Now Intercorp, one of the Andean country’s largest lenders and retailers which owns those popular brands, is planning to raise $400m from an initial public offering, for its supermarket and shopping centre arm, InRetail. Continue reading »