At a time when everyone is nervous about emerging markets, Henry Kravis, a well-recognised pioneer in the private equity industry, is optimistic about India.

And given his New York-based company, KKR, made a return on equity of 27 per cent last year, it’s worth hearing why. Read more

While some investors have gone sour on Vietnam amid a string of financial upheavals, stock market slides and poor economic data, one group which seems more optimistic than ever is KKR – at least on Vietnam’s manufacturing sector and the market for pungent fish sauce, chilli and soya sauces, instant coffee and noodles.

The US buyout group on Tuesday agreed to invest a further $200m in one of Vietnam’s largest food companies, Masan Consumer. The deal amounts to the biggest single private equity investment in Vietnam and follows KKR’s initial investment of $159m in Masan Consumer in 2011. Read more