Myanmar may finally have completed its shiny new foreign investment law, after much delay. But sceptics still question whether the much-vaunted rush of foreign investment will follow.

Despite pronouncements by companies such as Coca-Cola, Nestle and GE about entering Myanmar, most deals are limited to product supply and distribution. The big western names are yet to commit serious money, let alone build factories. But at least the professional services firms are setting up shop – the latest being PwC, which this week announced the opening of a Myanmar office. Read more

At first sight, bad news from Beijing on Thursday for the world’s Big Four accountancy firms.

Orders from the finance ministry to hand control of their Chinese operations to Chinese citizens might appear to be a drastic threat to the way they do business.

But in fact the announcement is reasonably good news: it ends long-running uncertainty over the issue, sets a clear timetable and brings China into line with many other countries. Read more