LatAm start-ups

Want to start a business? Chile could be the place for you.

The government is slashing through what little red tape remains in what is already one of the speediest places in the region – and, indeed, the world – to set up a company. As of May, the process will be free, online – and, incredibly, doable in a dayRead more

Two years ago, Swiss backpack traveler Clemens Raemy found out what everyone in the region already knew: getting a cab in Latin America can be a high-stakes roulette. If all goes well, you get to your destination safe and sound. If not, you might get taken to the cleaners, robbed, or even kidnapped.

Today, his “SaferTaxi” mobile app is well on its way to revolutionize the continent’s taxi market. A click on the phone gets passengers in São Paulo and Buenos Aires to a taxi quickly and safely. His company, meanwhile, has expanded aggressively and is about to finish a second round of funding. Read more