Pioneer computer maker Apple is now most famous for phones and tablets. We may say the same of Lenovo one day, but not yet.

Lenovo may have made in-roads in the mobile phone market, but it is also vying with HP to be the world’s biggest PC maker. The company posted a record quarterly profit, up by a third from a year earlier. Can it really do both? What does it want to be? Read more

The Chinese electronics giant Lenovo Group, already the second largest personal computer company in the world, is targeting a major expansion in emerging markets, this month completing the $150m purchase of Brazillian electronics manufacturer CCE on the same day as it claimed it would soon attain profitability in its Chinese smartphone operation, and would be using the proceeds to expand further abroad. Read more

These are not happy days for Apple in China. The iconic American brand, outpaced by Samsung in its appeal among Chinese consumers since last year, is now also losing out to other smartphone competitors.

According to IDC, Apple’s share of the Chinese smartphone market by shipments fell by nearly half to 10 per cent in the second quarter from three months earlier. The company came fourth in a ranking topped by Samsung and Lenovo, the Chinese company that is also the world’s second-largest PC vendor. Read more