So after a lull, the arguments kick off again on Friday in Argentina’s legal fight not to pay so-called “holdout” creditors, and their fight to force the country, finally, to cough up.

Argentina has until midnight New York time on Friday to file its brief to the New York Second Circuit Court of Appeals – and it will be hoping that the interested parties and “friends of the court” who have emerged in recent weeks – including holders of restructured bonds issued under non-New York jurisdictions, the US government, which could file an amicus brief on Friday too, and a local brokerage, Puente – will convince the judges that Judge Griesa’s order has got to go. Read more

Hedge fund 2, Argentina 0.

A court in Ghana has rejected an appeal by Argentina to release the navy vessel ARA Libertad, after the ship was seized last week at the request of NML Capital, a hedge fund. Read more

There’s been a lot of water under the bridge since Argentina’s debt default of 2001 but some creditors haven’t given up the fight to get their money back.

ARA Libertad

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