What’s the difference between Kenya and Nigeria? About two centuries, according to a new study by Stephen Broadberry and Leigh Gardner, two professors at the London School of Economics.

The pair have totted up the levels of GDP per capita of the countries of Africa, and compared them with historic rates of GDP per person in pre-industrial Europe. Citizens of Sierra Leone are about as rich as early medieval Englishmen, and modern-day Kenyans are just as rich as Elizabethans. Read more

Nigeria might be trying to lure local companies into listing on its stock exchange, with flotation activity set to increase – but it’s not the only one. London is stepping up its efforts too for listings in tandem. Read more

For any investors tiring of the idea of a London-listing for a former-Soviet area company, park your sceptical thoughts for a moment. Bank of Georgia is now fully tradable on the London Stock Exchange, and analysts are yelling “buy”. But are there any reasons to be cautious? Country risk, perhaps? Read more

The London Stock Exchange couldn’t have picked a better time to lure Indian companies to list on Europe’s biggest bourse.

Tuesday’s decision by the Reserve Bank of India to hike interest rates for the 10th time in 15 months to tackle inflation could convince many industrialist – worried by the higher borrowing costs at home – to go for a listing in London to raise cash. Read more