By Ben Aris of bne

Russian President Vladimir Putin has started his second stint of two possible terms as president by launching a sweeping programme of reforms. Changes to the financial system are the most advanced and possibly the most important.

Putin met with senior officials to discus the development of the financial markets on Friday January 25. Two things came out of the meeting: changes to the market regulator, and a renewed privatisation effort. Read more

By Ben Aris of bne

It’s done. After several delays Russia’s National Settlement Depository announced on Thursday that the country’s capital markets have been hooked into the pan-Europe settlement and clearing system Euroclear.

A technical step, yes. But one which makes it a little easier to get in and out of Russian markets. Read more

Philippe Carré of SunGard surveys exchange consolidation in central and eastern Europe

It is impossible to discuss the financial markets of central and eastern Europe without highlighting the accomplishments of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The recent adrenaline rush among the CEE’s other exchanges, desperate to transform themselves into serious players, can only be understood in the context of the WSE’s success in positioning itself as a regional champion. Read more