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Being recognised by Bollywood is often the ultimate accolade for anything in India – an issue, a person, a business. But the folks at India’s number one matrimonial website seem admirably unfazed by the imminent launch next year of a Bollywood romcom, ‘Running‘. Read more

With all the noise around new technology we tend to forget the old.

When India shut its telegram service this week, the response showed that a significant rural population still used the facility. But there’s another medium that still has an unexpectedly large role in India’s communications industry – the radio. Read more

It turns out that President Nicolas Maduro thinks that the plan to introduce food rationing in Zulia, Venezuela’s most populous state, is “crazy”.

Regardless of whether he always thought that, or whether, perhaps, the increasingly unpopular president was responding to widespread rejection of the plan, he’s right – it is not the way to put an end to the problem of shortages that has become so acute that someone has even invented an app to help Venezuelans locate specific goods they are having difficulty finding. Read more

A company that launched on April Fool’s Day and takes its name from the Hindi word for chaos doesn’t sound like a winner.

But in its 14 years Hungama Digital Media Entertainment, the parent of, has grown to become the world’s largest aggregator and distributor of Bollywood entertainment.

It works with more than 400 content creators to distribute material in 47 countries through over 150 partners. With viewers in 127 countries, India’s Rs112.4bn film industry, which recently celebrated its centenary, is certainly not short of paying customers. Read more

Imagine an app that talks you through your yoga routine. Or an app that allows you to unlock your car, start the engine and turn on the air-conditioning remotely.

These are just two ideas developed by young south Indian entrepreneurs for the new BlackBerry 10, which launches this week.  Read more

After the fatal assualt and gang-rape of a 23 year-old woman in Delhi last month, Tech Mahindra – a technology and consulting company in the Mahindra Group – has made free to the Indian public an application designed to “help make our streets safer for women”Read more

China isn’t going to come up with a big blockbuster game like “Angry Birds” any time soon. That’s the view of the chairman of China’s largest mobile games business.

“Our games developers don’t dream big enough, and there’s still not enough creativity. Also, there isn’t sufficient intellectual property protection so someone who has a great idea dares not put it out there in case it gets copied,” says Zhang Lijun, who heads China Mobile Games and Entertainment Group. Read more

Two years ago, Swiss backpack traveler Clemens Raemy found out what everyone in the region already knew: getting a cab in Latin America can be a high-stakes roulette. If all goes well, you get to your destination safe and sound. If not, you might get taken to the cleaners, robbed, or even kidnapped.

Today, his “SaferTaxi” mobile app is well on its way to revolutionize the continent’s taxi market. A click on the phone gets passengers in São Paulo and Buenos Aires to a taxi quickly and safely. His company, meanwhile, has expanded aggressively and is about to finish a second round of funding. Read more