India is an enticing prospect for many digital content brands today. With nearly a sixth of the world’s population and a rapidly growing number of consumers coming online for the first time, having a presence in this market is crucial for future growth.

Netflix has been announcing updates to its platform, demonstrating a willingness to find the best approach to consumers in high-growth markets. The announcements have included the introduction of carrier billing and in-app subscription sign-ups. Perhaps most significantly, this month Reed Hasting, Netflix CEO, said the company would like to create Bollywood content – the strongest signal yet that it is serious about becoming a major player in India. Read more

Trust Carlos Slim! Just when most of the rest of Mexico is preparing for Saturday’s inauguration of Enrique Peña Nieto as president, the world’s richest man has titillated the taste buds of a TV crazy nation.

On Friday, Slim’s América Móvil will launch in Mexico a Netflix-style service known as Clarovideo. Subscribers to Clarovideo – which is already underway in several other Latin American countries – will pay only about $5 a month, some two thirds the cost of Netflix. Read more