If a mark of being a developed country is innovation, then look out: China is certainly throwing ideas about.

The number of patent applications from China has overtaken those from the US, a remarkable catch-up over the last few years. But does this mean China will soon be exporting ideas in the way it has exported manufactured goods? Chart of the week takes a look. Read more

By Sudip Chaudhuri of the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta

India’s Supreme Court has denied Novartis a patent for a cancer drug. Novartis is upset that the judgement will adversely affect innovation.

In this case, the judgement is based upon a simple but powerful idea – and other countries could follow suit. Read more

In this photograph taken on October 20, 2010 drugs are displayed at a chemist's shop in Mumbai.India’s lawyers will be licking their lips. Just days after the Supreme Court denied the multinational pharmaceuticals group, Novartis, patent protection for its cancer drug, the country’s judges have another case on their hands.

Merck Sharp and Dohme, better known as MSD, has filed a case with Delhi’s High Court claiming that Glenmark, the Mumbai-listed pharmaceutical company, is violating patents on its diabetes drugs, Januvia and Janumet. And in an unusual move – as domestic pharmas rarely take one another on in India – Sun Pharma, has joined the proceedings as a co-plaintiff. Read more

Samsung’s legal defeat in California on Friday was a nasty PR moment for the South Korean tech behemoth: the jury ruled that Samsung had wilfully copied elements of Apple’s product design and user interface features, as it awarded a shade over $1bn in damages. Still, the near-7 per cent fall in Samsung’s share price on Monday morning was surprisingly sharp. Read more

Samsung won a partial victory against Apple in South Korea in its legal battle over technology patients but that failed to lift the company’s stock price.

Samsung’s shares extended losses on Friday, closing down 0.93 per cent at Won1.275m on heavy foreign selling. The shares had gone up more than 20 per cent for about a month since hitting a trough of Won1.09m in mid-July but they have fallen about 5 per cent over the past two weeks. Read more

Emerging markets will nearly double their spending on medicine over the next five years from $194bn in 2011 to $345-375bn in 2016, say healthcare analysts at IMS Health in a report on Thursday.

The Global use of Medicines: Outlook through 2016, says the expected rise comes from a combination of increasing income levels, the increased affordability of medicines and the roll-out of government healthcare programmes for poorer patients. Read more

Speculation is ripe that Samsung and Apple may finally bury the hatchet after a year of legal wrangling over technology patents. Both companies said their chief executives will participate in settlement talks in the next three months before their case in California is heard in July.

But with so many disputes between the two companies listed around the world, will a truce in California mark a new peace, or just a temporary halt to hostilities? Read more

Who would have guessed that a courtroom showdown between two technology companies would ultimately be reduced to an argument about 1960s and 1970s sci-fi?

But that’s just what has happened after Samsung resorted to an entertaining defence in a worsening legal battle to prove its tablets are not copied from Apple.

Its lawyers in California have included images of iPad like objects from Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey” and a 1970s British television series called “The Tomorrow People” in its latest court filing. Read more