microchipsWho needs whom the most? Of the many battles being waged between Apple and Samsung, that over the supply relationship is perhaps the most intriguing. Apple is trying to move away from the South Korean company for its component sourcing. But Samsung appears ready to apply pressure, too.

The Chosun Ilbo, South Korea’s most-read daily, reported this week that that Samsung had raised the price of application processors sold to Apple by 20 per cent, while removing an executive in charge of a key Apple-related business. Read more

For Nokia, any glimmer of hope is good news. The Finnish phonemaker and networks company on Thursday announced its Q2 results. Despite sales falling 19 per cent and a loss of €826m, its shares were up 14 per cent at one point.

So where’s the positive news coming from? Not China, certainly – yet. Despite high hopes for the country, it was the worst performing region by net sales. Read more

Whether you are on the train in London, Hong Kong or New York, there’s one thing you’ve probably seen a lot more of in the last 6 months: Samsung Galaxy phones.

Sure enough, the SII – South Korea’s challenger to the iPhone – and its over-sized brother, the Note, have helped Samsung conquer the mobile phone market, according to the latest company figures and analyst estimates. Read more

As Apple wades through patent battles and criticism over working conditions in other parts of Asia, it faces a different kind of resistance in India: a consistently low customer base.

Rival Android-based phones and BlackBerrys overshadow Apple’s flat 2.4 per cent market share as they continue to be increasingly popular with the country’s youth and business markets. Read more

If last week’s chief executives travel plans were anything to go by, mobile phone makers are getting serious about China.

So which models are selling in China and which way is the market going? Chart of the week takes a look. Read more

If proof were needed of the importance of China to mobile phone makers, follow the chief executives. Both Apple’s Tim Cook and Nokia’s Stephen Elop have been in the country in the last few days – Cook to put Apple’s case in trademark disputes, Elop to launch a new smartphone.

Both companies need China – but they are coming from very different positions. Read more