“Sanctions are like exposure to radioactive materials,” says Stanislaw Secrieru, an analyst at the Polish Institute for International Affairs (PISM). “The longer Russia is exposed to them, the stronger the impact.”


The fallout so far has been rather impressive, argues Secrieru and his colleagues who have authored what they say is the first full summary of the scope and impact of western sanctions on Russia’s economy, politics and society since they were first imposed in April last year.

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Poland is home to potentially some of Europe’s largest shale gas deposits. A huge drive is underway to extract the gas, bringing not just the hope of cheaper energy, but the tantalising prospect of breaking Poland’s energy dependence on Russia. Jan Cienski reports.

Polish farmers have a debt of thanks to the World Trade Organisation – having joined the WTO last year, Polish food exports to Russia soared in 2012 and are likely to continue growing quickly this year.

The Rzeczpospolita newspaper reports on Monday that in the first 11 months of 2012, food sales to Russia rose by 30 per cent compared to the same period in 2011, reaching about $1.3bn. Analysts expect a similar increase in 2013. Read more

Stock pickers might want to make sure that they are following the Twitter feed of Radoslaw Sikorski, the Polish foreign minister.

Those who do would have received a tweet late on Monday afternoon to the effect: “My intuition tells me that [treasury minister Mikolaj] Budzanowski will soon have important information re the price of gas in Poland.” Those in the know tied that comment to the ongoing talks that Poland was conducting with Russia’s Gazprom about lowering the price that Poland pays in its long-term contract. Read more

As Poland hosts the European football championships, many visiting fans are discovering the changing character of the former communist country for the first time. It’s clear that Poland is a country in full expansion mode, catching up with its western neighbours.

But when the cameras turn away, and the Polish return to their daily lives, how much of the progress and enthusiasm will be left? The FT takes a look on Thursday in a special reportRead more

Two Russian shoe retailers have big expansion plans for Poland, but they should be careful, all those shoes, boots and slippers that they plan to sell to Polish consumers could soon be on the march against the Kremlin.

That’s because Atoni Macierewicz, the goateed and wild-eyed head of a parliamentary commission looking into the crash of the Polish airliner two years ago that killed the president and many other senior officials, sees Moscow’s hand behind the disaster. Read more