Research in Motion is set to unveil another disappointing set of quarterly results on Thursday. There’s the bad news. Anything happier to report?

Well, there’s the launch of a new BlackBerry 10 smartphone coming soon, which the company hopes will stem its falling market share in the US and UK. But the Canadian group is also looking to exploit other regions with strong growth prospects – particularly in AfricaRead more

Photo: Bloomberg

Research In Motion, the maker of BlackBerry smartphones, may have lost its lead in developed economies but there are still countries where it is flourishing.

Indonesia is one, as beyondbrics has previously reported. South Africa, where BlackBerry accounts for nearly a fifth of mobile phones, is another. And to recognise this, the BlackBerry 10, due in 2013, will hit African countries in the first wave, along with other important global markets. Read more

As Apple wades through patent battles and criticism over working conditions in other parts of Asia, it faces a different kind of resistance in India: a consistently low customer base.

Rival Android-based phones and BlackBerrys overshadow Apple’s flat 2.4 per cent market share as they continue to be increasingly popular with the country’s youth and business markets. Read more