Rio de Janeiro

In recent weeks, social media in Brazil has been abuzz with talk of the rise of a new breed of vigilantes or justiceiros in society.

With the World Cup later this year, and the summer Olympics in Rio in 2016, overseas visitors will naturally be concerned with their safety. However, the sort of treatment being meted out by citizens rather than officials may do more harm than good for Brazil’s image. Read more

The credit ratings agencies have become the latest to weigh into the debate over Brazil’s oil royalties bill, with Fitch warning this week it could lead to a review of the ratings of Rio de Janeiro.

Rarely has a new law inspired so much bitter disagreement between Brazil’s states. The controversy potentially has implications over whether Rio de Janeiro will be able to successfully host the World Cup final next year and the Olympics the following year. Read more

Galeão International Airport | Source: INFRAERO, Wikimedia commonsAnyone who has been through Galeão is unlikely to forget the experience.

The first challenge with Rio de Janeiro`s international airport, which will soon be the country`s gateway for the 2014 soccer World Cup and the 2016 Olympics, is getting there. From downtown Rio or the tourist areas of Ipanema and Copacabana in the south, it can take hours to reach the airport, which lies to the city’s north. During the afternoon rush hour, forget it. You won’t catch your flight. Read more