By Dmitry Medvedev

In a few days many heads of state and government will take part in the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) in Vientiane, Laos. This forum is unique. Established in 1996, it brings together countries from Europe, South Asia and the Pacific region to debate our increasing global interdependence, including the need for deeper regional integration.

When Russia joined ASEM in 2010 it was of great importance, not only for us and the organisation itself, but for the entire system of international relations. It allowed us to literally “connect” two influential political and economic centres in the world. And it is increasingly clear that sustainable global development requires a system of interconnected yet independent regional integration mechanisms. Continue reading »

Dmitry Medvedev has landed in Vladivostok to help the far east city celebrate its birthday and check out the new infrastructure that has been built for this September’s APEC Summit.

For the past few years, various Russian officials have been billing Vladivostok as Russia’s new capital of the Far East, or its own San Francisco (but better), as Medvedev boldly pronounced on MondayContinue reading »