The recent devastation in Syria has had one less expected outcome far away on the shores of India.

Exports of cumin, a popular spice used in curry powder and medicines, have shot up to compensate for the disruption to supplies in the Middle East. But prices aren’t spiking as you might expect. Read more

India’s cooks like their pepper. So much so, that the country, traditionally one of the world’s main exporters of pepper, has become a net importer of “the king of spices”. Read more

cardamom war appears to be brewing. Producers in the Indian states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu claim that they face unfair competition from illegal imports of the spice from the world’s biggest exporter, which is – wait for it! – Guatemala, in Central America.

Cardamom smugglers are bringing the spice into northern India through Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan, say the Tamil Nadu and Kerala producers. Now the producers have sent missives to the Indian ministries of trade and agriculture in defense of what they describe as a “heritage crop” of the nation. Read more