There you are, taking it easy on your summer holiday in Istanbul or Dubai, searching online for the next restaurant to sample. You may not know it, but the information you seek could be coming to you courtesy of a small company based in Gurgaon, near New Delhi.

Zomato, an online restaurant directory, has become a household name in India. That could soon be true in many other markets. Over the past year the website has expanded quickly overseas – from Poland to New Zealand – through a mixture of acquisitions and organic growth. Read more

The surging popularity of the Japanese language and culture among young Indonesians, as reported in the FT, is good news for large Japanese companies such as Toyota, Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group and Uniqlo, which are increasing their investments in southeast Asia’s largest economy.

It is also creating opportunities for small entrepreneurs like Vivian Wijaya, who runs Dr Vee Mangaka Club, a manga drawing school. Read more

Imagine an app that talks you through your yoga routine. Or an app that allows you to unlock your car, start the engine and turn on the air-conditioning remotely.

These are just two ideas developed by young south Indian entrepreneurs for the new BlackBerry 10, which launches this week.  Read more

Want to start a business? Chile could be the place for you.

The government is slashing through what little red tape remains in what is already one of the speediest places in the region – and, indeed, the world – to set up a company. As of May, the process will be free, online – and, incredibly, doable in a dayRead more

Turkey is far from terra incognita for technology companies but it is seen by some of them as a brave new world. The country – or at least its big cities – often seems crazy for technology, whether because of the sheer number of iPhones on display, fast broadband speeds or the sheer popularity of social media sites. Read more

Two years ago, Swiss backpack traveler Clemens Raemy found out what everyone in the region already knew: getting a cab in Latin America can be a high-stakes roulette. If all goes well, you get to your destination safe and sound. If not, you might get taken to the cleaners, robbed, or even kidnapped.

Today, his “SaferTaxi” mobile app is well on its way to revolutionize the continent’s taxi market. A click on the phone gets passengers in São Paulo and Buenos Aires to a taxi quickly and safely. His company, meanwhile, has expanded aggressively and is about to finish a second round of funding. Read more