Africa is looking increasingly risky for investors and global supply chains. Or at least, that’s the judgement of the latest Global Risks and Resilience Atlas published on Thursday by Maplecroft.

Worldwide, 21 countries saw an increase in their exposure to risks, of which 15 are African, including: Mali, Mozambique, Tanzania, Senegal, Madagascar, Burkina Faso and Eritrea. Read more

Nigeria looks set to become Africa’s biggest economy in the medium term, and with its large population and growing consumer spending power, the west African country is top of the list for many investors looking to tap African growth. But 2014 will ask searching questions about the country’s political climate. Read more

Foreign investors can be fickle. They often lack the vested interests that local pension funds and others have in maintaining a market and can have few qualms about rushing for the exit when sentiment sours – or something goes badly wrong.

So it says something for their faith in Kenya’s institutions that overseas equity investors stayed put in the country on Monday, given the shocking and ongoing terror attack at a Nairobi shopping centreRead more

After years of inaction and with just days to spare, Turkey has finally passed a law on terror financing that has been the subject of bitter criticism at home and ever more urgent demands abroad.

Whether the measure will satisfy anyone, however, has still to be seen. Read more

Photo: Bloomberg

Turkey may finally be hitting the accelerator pedal now that it has less than a month to resolve a dispute that could hit the country’s ability to raise funds internationally.

The dispute in question concerns a decision by the 36-member Financial Action Task Force, which includes many of the most important financial jurisdictions in the world, to suspend Ankara from membership if it does not implement anti-terror financing legislation by February 22. Read more

Poor service, patchy infrastructure, shoddy marketing, low value: all these have been challenges for tourists in Bulgaria. But not terrorism. Not until this week.

International attention has rightly focused on the tragedy that left eight Israeli holidaymakers dead and dozens injured, and the implications for the Middle East. But the bombing also leaves Bulgaria, a peaceful and peaceable country, deeply shaken. Read more

In a five-star hotel in Ikoyi, the smartest part of Lagos, a few hundred suits tuck into sausages and egg over breakfast. The love flows. Peter Grauer, special guest and Bloomberg chairman, tells them how impressed he is with Nigeria. The head of the Nigerian stock exchange expresses his fondness for Grauer’s terminals.

Nigeria is rising, all seem to agree. There’s a problem though. As Arunma Oteh, head of the Securities and Exchange Commission points out, when people think of Nigeria today, the thing that springs to mind is not opportunity but insecurity. Read more

The offices of ThisDay, the Nigerian newspaper, following a bomb attack on Thursday

Bomb attacks at the offices of ThisDay newspaper in the Nigerian capital, Abuja, and the northern city of Kaduna have killed at least eight people, according to reports.