The Diaspora Digest

Our occasional series continues with Anjli Raval’s observations on the changing nature of Indian radio stations in New York.

If you want to hear how life has changed for the Indian population of New York City, turn on the radio. Read more

In the latest in our occasional series, Camilla Hall meets Irina Ivanova of Russian Emirates, a magazine for Russians – Russian women, mainly – in Dubai.

“Russia is full of negative things. Many people don’t buy magazines or watch TV because there is so much negative information. Why would we do the same? We prefer to always be on the positive note.”

So says Irina Ivanova, managing partner of Russian Emirates. And if Dubai’s 70,000 Russians – her estimate – have come to escape harsh realities back home, Russian Emirates is here to help. Read more

In the third of our occasional series, Ivana Kottasová talks to Tran Hung Quan, founder and editor of SecViet, an online magazine serving the Czech Republic’s community of 60,000 ethnic Vietnamese.

Andrea Accordi, the first Michelin star chef in the Czech Republic, was recently asked about his shopping habits. Where does he, the most famous Czech chef, get his fruit and vegetables?

He goes to a local Vietnamese shop. “Vietnamese vegetable sellers have the best selection of Czech fruit and vegetables. I have never had a bad experience with their stuff. Asians have a different relationship with vegetables, they have a better sense for it and can pick the best produce,” he said. Read more

In the second of our occasional series, Sarah Mishkin meets Leo Deocadiz, editor of The Sun, voicepiece for the often put-upon community of Filipino maids in Hong Kong.

Leo Deocadiz’s business card tells you he is the publisher of The Sun, a Filipino newspaper in Hong Kong. But really, he says, he’s part editor, part social worker, part lawyer, and then some. “Sometimes it’s funny,” he says, and he chuckles. Then he adds: “It’s a Filipino trait, of laughing at things that sometimes aren’t funny.” Read more

Today beyondbrics begins a short series on EM diasporas, seen through their community media. We’ll look at Filipinos in Hong Kong, Vietnamese in the Czech Republic, Indians in New York and more. We begin with Leros, the monthly magazine for Brazilians in London.

The cover story in issue 240 of Leros says it all: Como fazer render as escassas libras… (“How to stretch those scarce pounds a bit further”). Read more