Turkey tech

By David Edgerly

One of the many challenges facing the Turkish economy is to increase the value added of its products by relying less on simple assembly or use of machines and technology developed abroad.

The experience of AirTies, a high tech company specialising in internet connectivity, demonstrates how a company utilising local engineering talent and a boost from external financing can help drive Turkey into a higher level of economic activity. Read more

By David Edgerly

There is no question that Turkey has posted some impressive economic numbers over the last decade, numbers that underpin the electoral success of the ruling Justice and Development Party. Two of these numbers, taken from a Turkish Treasury report, show just how far the country has come. Per capita GDP is now over $10,000 compared with less than $3,500 in 2002. Inflation that had averaged 71.6 per cent between 1995-2001 is now around 10 per cent.

But can this growth be sustained? Can Turkey reach the next level of economic development with its current economic model? A leading Turkish businessman recently raised serious questions about the fundamental structure of the economy. Read more

Turkey is far from terra incognita for technology companies but it is seen by some of them as a brave new world. The country – or at least its big cities – often seems crazy for technology, whether because of the sheer number of iPhones on display, fast broadband speeds or the sheer popularity of social media sites. Read more